The world has gotten more connected, more complicated, and more regulated. All too often, “more” means more work and more headaches for you. Thankfully, there are people and technology that can help make things easier again. Not by going back to doing less, but by doing more, efficiently.

Global Environmental Consulting (GEC) provides software solutions and consulting services to simply and effectively track environmental data and create rock-solid reports for state and local government agencies who are required to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Utilizing our solutions means that you can reduce time spent on EPA compliance reporting and have the right data to ensure primacy.

We’ll help you select the right applications and customize them to your needs.

We’ll assist you in moving your current data into your new system.

We’ll continue to support your data quality needs for ensuring that you meet federal standards for primacy.


There’s an easier way to manage your agency’s compliance initiative. Contact us and we’ll work out a solution that’s right for you.