Don’t work hard for your data. Make your data work hard for you.

If you want rock-solid compliance reports that get filed on time and make you look good at your job, you’re in the right place. Here’s how it works:

  1. We’ll do an initial audit, which is just a fancy way of saying we’ll find out what you’re doing now, figure out which of our software solutions is right for your situation, and determine if your system needs to be customized.
  2. We’ll customize the software for you and help you get it up and running. Full support is included.
  3. We’ll migrate your existing data over to your new system.
  4. We’ll provide ongoing consulting as needed to help you implement and maintain the system so you get the full time-saving benefits and the peace of mind of knowing your quarterly reports will have exactly what the federal government requires.


Software is just a tool – the real expertise lies with people who know how to use it. That’s why we don’t just sell you a tool and walk away. We want you to realize measurable gains in efficiency and improved data quality, which is why we provide consulting services throughout the entire process, from selecting the right software solution, to helping you figure out what data to collect and how often, to helping you mine the data with the right reports. In short, we help you become an expert at this too.


Change. It always comes with growing pains. We know you’re not starting from scratch – you’ve got existing data that needs to work alongside new data in a new system. And moving that data over can be a real pain. Good news – we can do that for you.


We know you’re special. While we’ve got four types of ready-made software solutions available, we find that agencies often have unique requirements. So we customize the solutions as needed.


Software is great… when it’s used correctly. We know there are few things more frustrating than having powerful software and not being able to use it fully. That’s why we provide small group and one-on-one training, so that your team can work the software like pros, and learn the ins and outs of managing safe drinking water data.

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